5 reasons to have a regular date night in a long-term relationship

5 reasons to have a regular date night in a long-term relationship

On our last date night a couple of days ago we made homemade punch. Luckily, this was significantly more successful than making eggnog ourselves the week prior. Having a weekly date night is without a doubt one of the easiest things we did to upgrade our relationship. As this is a topic that comes up often I wrote down 5 reasons to have a date night in a relationship.

Most couples I know have stopped at some point going on regular dates. Some have stopped completely and it is a real shame. Can you relate? If so, allow me to convince you, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, your wife, your spouse, your fiancée, or whoever else needs to be convinced why you should start going on regular dates with your partner (this part is important). Especially, in a long-term relationship. You (and they) won't regret it.

Reason #1: Date nights are easy

This one is a no-brainer. A date night requires very little planning. In addition, not each one has to knock it out of the park either. Stay consistent and magic moments will happen on their own. I am sure, you have done many things in your relationship that were harder. Just do it. If you want some tips - check back here soon. Another post is coming up

 Always wanted to try that nice Persian restaurant at the corner? Date night! 

Reason #2: Regular Opportunities to go on adventures in your relationship

Adventures can be big and small. Always wanted to try that nice Persian restaurant at the corner? Date night! Wondered what all the fuss was about regarding that art exhibition. Date night! Need to get out of the house for a bit and just take a walk. Date night! Have the perfect opportunity to do stuff. Do stuff, enjoy your life together!

Reason #3: Date nights get you to focus and pay attention

 We are all tumbling through this world with numberless distractions and things to do. Too often we have a chat and do not remember what it was we talked about 10 minutes later. Your attention is precious. Use date nights to give it to your partner. You will be surprised at how different you enjoy each other's presence if you pay full attention. Your partner deserves it. You deserve it!

Reason #4: Date nights get you to take action as a couple

 As you know I am a big fan of taking action in your relationship. Relationships don't get better on their own. Whatever you do for your date night is not important. The important thing is, that you take action you know will benefit your relationship. By doing this, you are actively showing that your relationship is a priority for you. This is what stayoncloud9 is all about. Take responsibility, take action, and enjoy time with each other.

Reason #5: It allows you to be lovers again

 This is the most important reason you should be dating again with your partner. You have a multitude of different roles during your daily life. You are a mixture of employee, boss, mother, father, child, customer, passenger and so many more. We spend most of our time in these roles and you certainly do not enjoy all of them. I have yet to talk to someone who did not enjoy their role as lovers with their partner (if you don't enjoy the first months you usually don't commit to a relationship). A date night gives you that feeling back. For a night you can just be lovers. No need to discuss finances, kids, household, or anything else. Just enjoy each other's company. Pure Bliss. There you have it, 5 reasons because it is a neat little number.

There are, of course, many more but once you started your date nights, you will see that for yourself. I would not want to miss any of our date nights and neither will you. Until next time, Take care.

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